What To Do If Something Is Jammed In Lock

Good car locks are made to keep away thieves and intruders not the owner of the car. It’s unfortunate that being locked out of your own car happens to everyone at least once in a lifetime. This can be very frustrating but it is never a serious problem.

Causes Of Car Lock Jamming

Most jammed door locks are caused by something being stuck inside the lock. Older cars prone to wear and tear and rust also tend to jam. Cold weather is also known to cause jamming and so do dust, gunk and debris.

How To Identify That Something Is Jammed In Lock

If your key doesn’t have any signs of being worn out or being broken, you might want to check inside the lock. Here are three simple ways to find out:

· Use a flashlight – get some light direct through the lock cylinder. Check if all the rods and springs are still well aligned or if anything is broken. Look for signs of rust and foreign objects. If there is something jammed in lock, you will definitely see it.

· In case you do not see anything wrong in there and the key is still not working, opening the door panel is the second solution. Once the panel is out, take a thorough look on the inside of the lock and try to clean it up or blow some air in there. Put back the panel and try the key again.

· If all fails it’s time to call a locksmith. They have the expertise to know what is causing the jamming.

How To Remove Something Jammed In Lock

The biggest cause of door lock jamming is usually dust and debris. Frozen locks and rust also affect a big number of locks and in rare occasions a key can be broken inside the lock. These steps will help to remove anything that is causing the problem:

1. Lubricant – spray some graphite powder directly inside the lock. Wait a few minutes and try the key. Repeat this severally until it works. This will take care of dust, frozen locks and add lubrication.

2. Extractor – if you can actually see something jammed in lock such as a key, a locksmith tool called extractor can be able to reach in and hook it out.

3. Kerosene – if rust is the issue put some kerosene in there overnight and try the key in the morning.

4. Remove the cover – if you don’t have a key extractor, unscrew the lock cover and manually try to remove the object stuck in the lock.

5. Heat – use a lighter to heat up your key and immediately put it in the lock. This will take care of frozen door locks. Alternatively you can use a blow drier to put some heat inside the lock.

How To Remove Key Stuck In Lock

A key getting stuck in lock after or before locking is fairly common and you cannot leave it there for safety reasons. Try these methods to get it out:

· Graphite – when something is jammed in lock, the first thing to do is lubricate with graphite powder.
· Ice – use spray coolant or ice cubes to make the key contract and get out of the lock.
· Jiggle the key back and forth until it comes out.

Make Use Of Credit Cards Anytime, Anywhere, And Get These Perks

If you want to be able to borrow money easily, afford more things and reduce risks related to card payments, you should look into the benefits of using credit cards and get some from a local bank.

An Easy Way To Borrow Money And Afford More

The best thing about using these cards is that you get to borrow money the easy way. You don’t have to apply for a loan, go through all the documents and hassle of obtaining the money you need. With these cards you get to borrow several times your salary, and the interest rates are getting more and more competitive. In addition to that, it is never a bad idea to carry some backups for when you need them. Having credit cards doesn’t mean you have to go shop binging, and you can keep them there for as long as you like, but when you need it, you know you can afford it.

Crazy Bonuses, Airline Miles And Insurance With Credit Cards

There are quite a few cards that get you a hefty bonus of 200 dollars or more. If you often fly by plane, you would be delighted to hear that paying with these gets you frequent flyer miles. What does that mean? It means that you get 1 mile for every dollar you spend, sometimes more, sometimes less. While this won’t make you rich, depending on how much you fly per month, you could get one free trip or even more if you are a regular flyer.

Never Lose Money To The Laundry Machine Ever Again

With these cards you can forget about the dreaded washing machine and the money it has been stealing from you for so long. Until the US treasury decides to issue plastic notes, the paper ones that are in circulation will eventually fall victims to your washing machine. With plastic cards, it is less likely to forget them into your washer, and even if you do, you will still be able to use the card. This is also perhaps the only legal money laundering method, heh!

You can get more out of your flight trips, shopping visits and you can also afford things even when you are low on money by getting such a card issued. So look for a trusted bank near you and apply to get one or more credit cards, you will thank yourself for doing so.

A Few Things About The Birds Nest Coral You Might Not Know

The birds nest coral is one of the most beautiful species of reef forming corals in the wild. These corals aren’t just eye-pleasing, but they also form large reefs that decorate the marine underwater landscape. This coral is also the first to ever be observed to reproduce via a peculiar and unique method and you can learn more about birds nest coral in thesea.org.


The birds nest coral is a type of stony coral which usually forms thin branches that are arranged in compact bushes. There are many other growth patterns that may vary from one species to another, and these are also influenced by habitat conditions and other factors. For example, corals growing in shallow water may form shorter and thicker colonies, especially if there is strong wave action present. In deeper or more turbid water, these corals tend to form more elongated and thinner branches, so as to reach light easier. This coral can have colors ranging from pink to brown, yellow and cream. The polyps that are part of the colony normally extend only during the night.


Just like many other species of corals, the birds nest coral lives in a symbiotic relationship with specialized algae known as zooxanthellae. These provide nutrients to the coral that are produced via photosynthesis, while the corals offer the algae protection and a home. Perhaps one of the most peculiar reproduction methods seen in corals was seen in this species – polyps of dying colonies were noticed to detach themselves. The detached polyps were then able to reattach themselves to the substrate and form another colony. This type of reproduction has been named polyp bail-out and it is a form of reproduction which occurs as an escape response to environmental stress and threats.

While the polyp bail-out is a form of asexual reproduction, this coral can also reproduce asexually via fragmentation or sexually through brooding. In this sexual reproduction, the polyps host the larvae that develop inside and then, once mature, they are released into the water where they will be able to form their own colonies.

A notable feature of the birds nest coral is that it can show remarkable modification that is caused by certain organisms. Such a modification occurs when the female gall-forming Haplocarcinus marsupialis crab trigger the coral to grow its tips into cups that form a permanent cage around the female, entrapping and protecting it from the outside environment. Here, the female will wait for the smaller male crabs to enter the cage and fertilize the eggs.


These corals live in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, from the Red Sea to the Mozambique and Japan to Australia, where they form extended reefs that decorate the seabed.


While many coral reef-forming species are under threat, this species is not listed as a Critically Endangered. It, however, faces the same threats such as global warming, bleaching and diseases. The birds nest coral is listed in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, and trade is regulated carefully in many parts of the world.


Is The Phillipa Adjustable Bed Any Good?

If you`re the kind of person who tosses and turns a lot and can never get comfortable in bed you should consider an adjustable bed. They can be moved to make you the most comfortable you can be and that helps you get to sleep quicker and also stay in one place while asleep. If you sleep a lot but still wake up tired you`re probably moving around a lot in your sleep and expending energy even when trying to get more of it. Of course for serious problems you should see a doctor but if all you want is to be a bit more comfortable you should get an adjustable bed like the Phillipa Adjustable Bed.

The Phillipa Adjustable bed is available in pretty much any size bed you can think of. All the way from a 2 and a half foot single bed to a 6 foot king size bed, including a double size too. The bigger the bed the bigger the cost but overall it`s good value considering what you`re getting and how much technology goes in to some of these beds.

The bed features a five part adjustable frame including neck, back and knee adjustments and all the functions are controlled easily by a remote. The item is delivered by trained experts who will then, completely free of charge, install the bed and give you a demonstration on how to use it. The price of the bed doesn`t include VAT and some people are also eligible to not have to pay VAT at all as some medical conditions can require you to use an adjustable bed.

The bed comes with a reflex foam mattress that can be washed safely and helps increase the comfort levels offered by the bed. It adjusts to you just as much as the bed does and allows you to sleep peacefully in comfort by not digging in to you. A bad mattress can prevent peaceful sleep as much as a bad bed can. The actual base of the bed itself features the aforementioned five point adjustment and it comes in at 21.5 inches tall from the bottom of the bed to the top of the mattress, which is itself 6.5 inches thick.

The Phillipa Adjustable bed also has sprung beech slats and a sprung shoulder zone for some added extra comfort for your shoulders. The handset that the bed is controlled with is low voltage and has six buttons that cover all the features of the bed for easy operation. It has sliders for lumbar adjustment and runs as silently as it can. It is just over 6 and a half feet long and has the maximum user weight is about 115 kgs, or 18 stone.

All in all it`s a fantastic bed that can help you deal with back and neck pain and get a peaceful night`s sleep no matter your medical conditions. Even if you don`t have a medical condition you can get one to just enjoy sleeping as much as you used to once more.


How You Can Lose Weight By Adding Turmeric To Your Diet

It’s true that turmeric has a wide range of health benefits and amongst them recent studies claim that it can also help you lose weight. Traditionally though, turmeric is used as a seasoning, but also for its natural healing properties. However, now that it’s been proven it can aid weight loss, it’s by far one of the healthiest plants you can use in order to improve your immune system and therefore your overall health.

Where You Should Get It In Supplement Form

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of curcumin, you should know that you can also find it in supplement form from various online stores, including http://www.amazon.com/Purely-Holistic-Turmeric-Curcumin-BioPerine/dp/B00HRXMQ50/. These supplements are not only mad from one hundred percent natural ingredients, which means they’re free from fillers, binders and any other type of chemicals, but at the same time they’re also made in the USA. Turmeric supplements are very high in antioxidants and have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help you alleviate aching joints, pain in the knees, in the elbows and so on.

How Much Should You Take?

Based on information from authority online websites, it seems that turmeric rarely has any side affects you should be worried about. However, if you do take it in great amounts, then you may experience stomach distress. If you’re someone who’s a heavy drinker or maybe have any type of liver disease, it’s recommended that you speak with your physician before taking turmeric supplements. This is because in large doses, turmeric can be quite toxic for your liver. With the current info available about turmeric, it seems that you should not experience side effects by taking between eight hundred and twenty five hundred mg of turmeric a day.

Helps Lower The Risk Of Cancer
Did you know that turmeric can also greatly help lower your chances of developing cancer? The way it works is by suppressing a special protein in cancer cells that is responsible for safeguarding the cell from dying. By taking turmeric, you can also protect yourself from cystic fibrosis and also Alzheimer’s disease.

Using It As A Spice

If you want to use turmeric as a spice, then you should know you can add it to any food you want, including sauces, steaks, seafood, but also omelets, curries, soups and so on. Just make sure that you don’t add too much at first, but actually add it in small quantities. This way, you’ll know how much is enough to make your foods that much more delicious.